23 February 2011

An Obsession With Inches

Photo~Diana Matisz

Stand in front of the mirror
look long and hard
legs, nicely defined
feet, pretty and strong
ankles tapered
not so bad
slip those feet
into 6" stilettos
and how the view changes
legs climb high to the sky
and the sweet steep arch
of an instep
begs to be kissed
hidden muscles
once undefined
curve and flow
with every step
as hipbones discover
a new rhythmic sway
surprising what a good shoe
can do for morale
I so love
this obsession with inches


  1. Playfully provocative! (And thanks for the visit!)

  2. This obsession with inches - lol the bane of my life... :o)

  3. Fantastic, I love heels, particularly on boots :) Great poem!

  4. Made me smile.
    Sadly I have my own inbuilt inches already [ at a height of five foot twelve, yes, I know ;-)] so adding some would be OTT.

    You write so fluently and well.
    Thought of submitting to Dversepoets at all? More people outght to see your work, as it is so enjoyable.

  5. Thanks Aprille, for your recent visits to my pages :-) Very much appreciated.