07 February 2011

Primed For More

In July of last year I wrote a post titled Primed about a favorite band that I'd started to follow on Twitter, Prime Ministers . Today I want to mention them again because in seven short months they have achieved some amazing milestones.  I mentioned in that last post, that they are all about their fans and that hasn't changed, despite their new success. Ernesto "E", is a driving force behind the music. If you watch him in interviews, his focus is all music and it is intense.  Chimo is a powerhouse drummer, with finesse. Emotion in motion.  Perico, the favorite bass man. A John Paul Jones for his generation. This man will always get back to you with a reply no matter how many days go by.  And Pala. Pala of the low-slung guitar and a guitar hedonist's dream. I once asked him about the equipment he uses and he was generous enough to spend an hour explaining it all to me, from the amps and guitars right down to the cables and strings.

They have a new album coming out this year titled 'FAR FROM FREE' and their video for the title song is currently ranked at #1 on LatinMTV after a first week release. They are coming to the states, at last. They've been selected to perform at the 12th Annual Heart of Texas Rockfest in Austin during March.  Do I hear road trip?  And with all of this, they still take the time on an almost daily basis, to say thank you to the fans who love them. If you like, you can follow them on Twitter at tweetsPM .

Congratulations to all four of you. You deserve this and more. Enjoy the journey.


  1. New band for my ever expanding iTunes collection! Thanks diana! I like their sound, fleet foxes new album in a few months also Mumford and dons releasing a new album and band of horses...has music ever been this good? X

  2. They sound great! Enjoyed your poems and photos on the photograph prose site by the way.

  3. Thanks Shân for the comment :-) Definately go to listen to Prime Ministers..you wont be sorry!

  4. 120 Socks: Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked PM. And thanks for looking at my poems and photos on PhotographProse, really appreciate it :-)