20 February 2011


Photo ~ Allegheny River / Diana Matisz

Please listen as you read, to the voice of the wonderful Catherine . Then take a moment to visit her wonderful poetry at thinking cat .

This river
knows all the secrets.
It's felt the heavy drop
of salted tears
eddying its currents
seen a wavering lost-soul face
reflected in a midnight mirror

This river
has heard the echo 
of blithe and easy laughter
careening off its shores
and the quietly voiced desires
as myriad as the lapping waves
against its rocking dock

This river
sanctuary and solace
provender for the soul and spirit
a piscean's green water muse
donor of nature's words and images
this river


  1. o i love this Diana! gorgeous...

  2. Gorgeous piece heady with metaphor Diana. Just the perfect read for a coffee break! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The river reflects
    and accepts
    all we give it
    The river cradles
    and cleanses
    all without judgement
    The river takes us
    all, to the ocean of our dreams

    I love the places your words and images take me my friend

  4. you never cease to amaze me, darling diana, and a wonderful touch her voice adds to this :)