05 February 2011


you step slowly
toward the something
that you want
that something
you know
you cannot have
but you don't care
you cannot stop
a few more steps
it sinks its hooks in you
that unattainable
desirous something
toward which your weakness
hurls itself
impales itself
even as you step again
ignoring the warning bells
the dangers
of that something
you want
but cannot have


  1. Powerful! Again, your words moved right through me. Amazing. I know though, that you will achieve whatever you wish. I believe that with all my heart. <3

  2. This swirls and begs in circles, wow, such a fascinating impression. I agree with Joanne also! Such a fantastic writer you are, and I LOVE your work! =)

  3. Beautiful!

    Nancy @ Writing Abode

  4. Gorgeous sumptuous, still trying to figure what that something is though Diaba, might be a while yet!

  5. the dance
    spelled out
    with your words
    holds me
    spins me
    makes me want more :~)

    love the image... you always find the perfect flow of image to your words <3

  6. beautiful...desire is complicated...sometimes it guides us to make wise choices, but often it leads to destructive behavior. Not all bad...not all good...just part of our humaness.