14 March 2011

Carolina Daydream

Photo courtesy of Ryan Greco

In an end-of-winter daydream
we're lying in a hammock
beneath a Carolina sun
by seductive sway
of palmetto fans
all remembrance
of winter's biting zephyrs
banished by the onslaught
of dense wet southern air
that makes even the trickle of sweat
on your upper lip taste sweet

Somnolence becomes a state-of-mind
in this rocking summer cradle
a synchronistic metronome
to the turning of the earth
while behind closed eyes
murmurs of life magnify
croaking gator
flap of egret wings
soft slur
of salt water on sand
a repetitive bump-bump
of boat against pier

Legs entwined
two at ease
in a Carolina daydream

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