29 March 2011

Down and Dirty

I've sinned, again.
Done the thing sworn never to do, again.
Waiting for just the right moment of madness
to inaugurate the newest fall from grace.

Digging, clawing, unearthing
every treasure once buried with the prescience,
the knowledge that I would return, again
to bring them back to light.

Hands scrape back the dirt and mud
of insignificancies, panning for the gold
that lies waiting, tempting and elusive words
that shine, wickedly, for me alone.

Eureka!  Frantic now, I smear alluvial words of passion
across my legs, pack quicksand of love against
my heart.  I paint words of promise in clay along every
inch of skin, abrade my mouth with the sand of rough kisses.

Weak and spent.  I'm down and dirty, again.
Hands smooth over ravaged terrain and I sit,
seeking absolution from the primordial sin
of loving you, again.


  1. Oh, diana, I love this :) but then one of my favorite phrases contains some form of "sin again" :)

    monty / bummy

  2. mmm....love the tone you set then bring it around to being in love with someone again...great twist of the feelings in this one shot!

  3. Oh, my, I know these feelings very well, and for exactly the same reason. Very well done.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you'll return. I love visitors.

  4. Great capture of that eagerness to just do it, once we've finally given in--the clawing, the urgency, you nailed it, Diana. Even though that image of packing quicksand seems awkward at first, after a minute, you get the futility, and it fits perfectly with the exhaustion of the ending--great writing.

  5. Alluvial, new word for me this morning Diana, I think as women we tend to go for the familiar and end up with someone we know we shouldn't be with just because we "know" them. Never works out right, a lesson some of us learn the hard way sister moon x

  6. Great poem! The need to go back to what is familiar is something that I think we all struggle with. Like the quicksand, its hard to get away. I loved the flow of your words. Thank you for sharing.