04 March 2011

For A Southern Hemisphere Sister

No poetry today.  I'm writing this the day before my birthday because on the day of my birthday, I will be in a hide-away in the mountains sitting in front of a fire and having several glasses of wine.  And this isn't to announce my own birthday to the world but to wish a very happy one also to my friend Sharon, with whom I share the same birth date.

Sharon lives in Perth, Western Australia and we've never met face to face. But we've known each other for a time now and have become close. We speak heart to heart and I'm hoping that one day we will actually have the opportunity to celebrate our birthday together. 

So Sharon...I wish you a day of hedonistic joy, a year of happiness without limits and a lifetime of love.

 ♥ Happy Birthday dear friend ♥
And behave?  I think not ;-)


  1. Happy Birthday to you dear friend
    raise a glass
    hear me sing to you on your day
    celebrate the wonderfulness of you
    so glad to call you friend
    enjoy your time off

  2. happy birthday

    enjoy the mountains

    are you heading south to mt. davis & the laurel highlands or east to the tuscaroras

  3. happy birthday! sounds like you are in for some fuN!