09 March 2011

The Good Girl

Always the good girl
of p's and q's
crossed t's and dotted i's
angel in the guise
of human imperfection
tightly bound
buttoned up

Came the day
she'd had enough
of good & safe & nice
pretty pearl buttons
uncinched from neck to waist
such promising deviancy
welled up and out

succulent pinks and peach
becoming moist with danger
basking in the once
unforgivable sin
of life bound
by desire

Now look for her
when a new blue moon
slivers shards of light
across her naked skin
as she dances for your delectation
with not a button
to be found

[ Dedicated to a sister-across-the-sea Monica because I forgot her birthday and to Adam White for letting me use his phrase "such promising deviancy" which he happened to use in a comment about me :-) Hugs to both. ]


  1. Specatulicious! See, I have to make up new adjectives. I loved this for so many reasons, especially the last line. "with not a button to be found". Loved, loved this!

  2. Sensually teasingly erotically brilliant! 'became moist with danger' ~ love it! Wonderful poem, Diana ~ thank you for sharing.

  3. Words to once again float away on! Awesome writing Diana!! ˆ◡ˆღ

  4. oh, darling diana, you'd know without saying I love this touch of erotic :) and how well you played it out to the ending I love :)

    Monty / bum

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  6. Aw, thank you for the dedication :P Aren't you lovely. Amazing poem.