18 March 2011

I Would Know You Anywhere

In all the little things
whether miles from you
in a crowded room
or in my sleep
I would know you anywhere.

I would know you
by your footsteps following a path to me.

the scent of an ancient world
caressed by an exotic sea
that precedes your presence
and lingers long after.

by your lips
and the silent thoughts
that fall from your tongue
to wet the nape of my neck.

Know you, yes
by your voice
hiding inside your words,
a soft rain serenade
for my ears only.

by the imprint of your fingertips
dropping whorls with each touch
marking the way back
so as not to lose your place.



  1. Breathtaking. This poem spells out LOVE. <3

  2. That is beautiful Diana! Hugs ˆ◡ˆღ

  3. Such love is a rare treasure, and you have held it up in treasured words for us to experience. Thank you.

  4. A lovely poem. "Know you, yes" that line adds a cool layer of wordplay to the romantic sentiment.

  5. what a lovely treasure youhave found in such a love...excellent write...

  6. Know ... You ... Anywhere...
    ALL those intimate details

    Delightful Diana
    thanks for the One Shot

  7. Beautiful, Diana. Soulful and sensuous.The images are subtle, soft and slide into the brain smoothly and effortlessly so reading has some of the joy of love. I like it very much.

  8. Beautiful endearing love poem.

    Tiger Windwalker

  9. extremely seductive and romantic! the use of the senses, "your voice hiding inside your words" coupled with the sense of touch from the lips, the tongue, the neck, the fingertips...hearing "footsteps following a path to me..." you covered it all and did it with such powerful poetic justice! beautifully done.

  10. Breezy and sensuous poem. Well done!

  11. A heartfelt depiction of true intimacy and knowing between lovers.

  12. Passionate & beautiful...really love the sense of "feel" to this one between loves and the closeness felt even apart. GORGEOUS! :) ~April

  13. Dear Diana

    Ahh!!! Beeautifully sensuous as well as loaded with honey of love... each line a little closer to the real you... wow. I enjoyed it all and your words touched me deep in sensuality...
    'by your lips
    and the silent thoughts
    that fall from your tongue
    to wet the nape of my neck.'
    Could feel it all the way... Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  14. Diana,
    A beautiful poem indeed. The message a powerful one that wherever your love may be, you would know them anywhere by even the simplest mannerisms. Thank you for sharing. Here is to hoping that all find the ones that they would know anywhere!