11 March 2011

In The Box

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side by side
amidst red velvet and gilt
the air in the private box
ripe with melodic ache
of sweet strings
notes rising above
plump promises bursting
vaporizing between them

she was enraptured
skin glistened with white heat
eyes wide and wet
he was enthralled
focused on a lone tear
on a flushed cheek

his hand on her thigh
burned a welcomed brand
through green watered silk
sighs commingled with music
a legato transition
from sublime to erotic
a symphony composed by two
in the box


  1. Love this line : a legato transition - perfect :o)

  2. oh dear ...this is hot...pete

  3. Perfect bedtime readin D hot hot hot!! The word glissando does it gor me every time!

  4. erotic. better even than the forays at drive-in theatre. . .oh. I've just heard of such. . . :) all jokes aside, darling diana, great job :)

    bummy / monty

  5. Gorgeous! Music and love fill the gaps between souls.

    Hugs :)