18 March 2011

Ink and Madness

Pen and paper
innocent inanimates
kind and loving helpmates
here only for your pleasure

sweet words
drip from black ink
the sly blood of ego
scratched across
a raw page
the flow is smooth until
the mania begins

pen stabs paper
words become bruises
rearranging themselves
before your eyes into
Not Good Enough
Can't Compare
you silly fool
thinking you can write

abilities and beliefs
smeared like bloody bits
the festering open wounds
of what was once
your confidence
grin up at you with glee

take the pen
turn the page
descend once more
into ink and madness


  1. this is amazing-- i relate intimately-- manic depressive poet here.... BYPO: byporevolution.blogspot.com

  2. Love your poetry. Really beautiful...