30 March 2011

Spring Wine

The fermentation begins, slowly.

The ice wines of white lilacs
sweeten alongside a muscat of wild violets. 
A buttery chardonnay of daffodils 
chills in lush green grass.

An iris-laced merlot, full and rich
beneath a new spring moon,  
crab-apple beaujolais
ripening in the dawn.

Proseccos of narcissus and lily-of-the-valley
bubble over new shoots of lemon green
adding sparkle to the blush
of a rhododendron rosé.

Riotous aroma of sangiovese tulips
blending with the quiet
rustic bouquet of a vin de pays
of bleeding heart.

Intoxicating elixer, spring.


  1. feeling a bit spring tipsy after that sip...smiles. ahh...nice smells as well...

  2. very pretty, as are the brilliant flowers.

  3. Hi Diana,
    Nice to see you using my photo with some words. I had forgotten that one lol! I'd remind you however to please follow the CC license terms (attribution for free use)which are posted on my profile page of my Flickr account ( http://www.flickr.com/people/23045224@N04/ ).
    'Athena's Pix'

  4. Thanks much Athena and changes made :)