06 March 2011

The Weight of You

It rides me gently
the weight of you
a fine silk mist
corkscrews among
strands of hair
curls itself inside
shell pink of ear
forces wide
my waiting lips
this beloved heft
of thoughts
the sweet bulk
of your words
without which
I would be pressed
against the earth
and lost
without the weight of you


  1. Wow! You must like that mountain air. Great use of metaphor: shell pink of my ear; forced wide my waiting lips. "to be pressed" old english -- to be put into servitude, bondage, as to be pressed into service. I hear Giles Corey in the Crucible shouting "more weight more weight" to bring a quicker death and save his family's estate, hence, the connection: weight, pressing, service, death (as in french "little death"), and freeing oneself from the constraints of earth. Have you noticed how your poetry becomes more symbolic, image-filled, and metaphorical when you step back/step away for a while? Remember a few months ago when you were struggling to find words.

  2. Thanks Ted so much for your critique. I always look forward to you stopping by and I appreciate the time you take to read and comment. It gives me a refreshed perspective on what I've written. Oh, and I was in the Laurel Highlands :)

  3. wow. deeply sensual, a weight well loved...smiles...forces wide my lips...

  4. Thank you Brian :) Always nice when you stop by.

  5. Beautiful, the feeling of being "lifted" yet held with love "grounded" a wonderful vision written here! Gorgeous Diana!!! :)