05 April 2011


Photo courtesy of Raed Shomali Photography aka @shomali11
the quest begins
uneven steps
enlightenment the grail
stumbling through religion
a short trip on the path of divination
hobbled by belief
or worse, lack of
I take an uneven cant
through mists of 
transcendental light
skipping lightly over
ancient text and liturgies
until, at last,
summit achieved
you've found you
and I, the perfect inner me
who despite the climb
to grace
and joy
still wants to simply, be


  1. Sometimes its a long and winding road uphill and feels that way too. Might be worth it when we get to the top? I'll meet you there ;)

  2. just the word "grail" had me...but a very well written piece...for all our searching and wanting...at the end we can only be, we....great poetry...cheers pete

  3. The journey through life is often mixed with searching and doubt, but in the end we know the answers. Nice poem my fellow Pennsylvanian.

  4. a lovely quest on a lovely path by R.Shomali

    enjoyed the journey Diana

    Moonie hugs

  5. Thanks to all so much for reading and for the kind comments. And nice to meet you Matty :)