19 April 2011

Be My Steve McQueen

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It's a simple request.
I'm looking for the King of Cool.
One with steel blue eyes 
behind tinted Persol frames
eyes saying all the things
I want to hear
leaving nothing to the imagination.
He won't say much but when he does
I'll listen
sliding in to catch his smoke and leather scent.
And when I'm seated snugly on his Triumph TR6,
I'll lean in that much closer 
to hear the rumble of his heart
feel my destination on the road 
beneath his skin. 
He's an anti-hero who will teach me rebel ways
push my envelope
bend my rules
give me wings.
He'll know what he wants
and he'll take it.
Come on now
don't play hard to get.
Won't you be my Steve McQueen?


  1. Hmmm I loved Steve McQueen he had that manly thing going a nice tribute to a missed talent

  2. Passionate. I love it.

  3. loved your anti-hero who will teach you rebel ways...tell him what you want...good write

  4. bend my rules and give me wings...haha...a good anti hero is not a bad thing...

  5. Awesome poem. Not at all indecisive about type. smiles. Many great visual lines with wit.

  6. This is so cool...give me wings..rumble of his heart...hmmmm........

  7. An appeal to memory and the senses. Like McQueen, himself, there's so much more beneath the surface of this piece. Thanks for the wind-whipped ride, Diana.

  8. Diana,

    You do it again, I cannot read your poetry in silence, I have to read aloud.

    I love it, and the song too! Thankyou so much for sharing this :)

  9. Would you be willing to share!? :) Wonderful, descriptive write...love the presentation of word, pic and song too. Awesome visit today! Thank you!

  10. As I'm reading this I'm thinking, "Man, I'm such a dork!" :P

  11. ha - this was great fun. Enjoyed the Sheryl Crow song, too. Thanks!

  12. push my envelope, bend my rules, give me wings,

    whew, love this, so passionate and vivid, love it!

  13. So many great lines. Word choices. One of my favs so far.

  14. Love the rebelious desires, the sensuous undertones. Fantastic write.

  15. hahaa! He had lovely eyes, still on the look out for a hairy hippy here, throw him my way if you see him lol x

  16. wickedly cool !
    can't believe I missed this post ..
    love love love it
    and may your steve mcqueen show up
    slinging a guitar across his back

  17. My eyes are green, my hair has turned to silver, but once I was that rebel, hell bent with black leather, white tee, cigarette smoke in the air and my triumph 650 eating up the asphalt while I was tempted by its speed. You've chosen one of my hero's as well, him and I would have been amigos for sure, on our way to pick up James Dean.

    1. or maybe to pick up me?? :-)
      Thank you Vincent, for reading and commenting.