08 April 2011


Photo ~ Diana Matisz

In the wet dark umbra
of a smoke and wine infused fugue
armoured scales of reality
slough clumsily away, tails
between their legs, riven

and bested by a more worthy
opponent, desire,
darker and wetter than the
inked-black sky beneath which
it blossoms, spreading

frenzied bloodlines of simmering
need through the psyche of its
eager supplicant, who, with one
more drag, one last sip, surrenders
to domination.


  1. damn. heavy and powerful. your writing always leaves me standing in awe, diana :)

    Monty / bummy

  2. "umbra"..."psyche of its
    eager supplicant", words of rarity in use of rarity. beauty of rarity is the result.

  3. diana,thank you for sharing your poem...i take your words on a large scale in that 'with one more drag, one last sip, surrenders to domination' (controlled) this domination has taken over many lives...'tails between our legs'...reading your poem many times as it transforms into layers of life...our brooding desires lost...wonderful writing

  4. wow...intense the giving over of oneself...that one last has stolen many a life and the scales of reality fall away...tight write...

  5. Excellent...this depicts such weaknesses so strongly....and at the same time grants such strong will...wonderful writing! ~April

  6. Really excellent how you've drawn this from a lazy curl of smoke to a blazing fire of the senses. I love the comparison of reality with passion and submission, that leaving one behind, sloughed off, is necessary for the other.

  7. wow diana - this was intense and tight

  8. strong imagery, quite emotive, I found. Nice piece, Di :)

    Warmest Salad