28 April 2011

The Lady

The wonderful photograph below is courtesy of my dear friend Alejandro. He is a musician, poet and photographer.  His photography is magical, imaginative and inspiring.  You can see more of his work here VISTO AL REVES and listen to his peaceful music by clicking here . You may also follow his work on twitter @vistoalreves .

The lady walks, on new moon nights
then, and only then

a transparent evanescence
casting lambent traces of her presence

on vaulted ceilings, on stonework walls 
stained with mists of aeons

silk skirts rustle with the sough
of dried grass on weathered stone

scents of valerian musk
damask rose and clove

rise, haunting zephyrs
memorials to her metamorphosis

the lady walks, on new moon nights
then, and only then.


  1. I am delighted to see that photo come alive in your words.

    This is a precious gift. Hugs and smiles.


  2. quite chilling and a great use of the senses, I could almost smell the musk, rose, and cloves

  3. The more I read your poem the most I feel the magic within.

    Thank you so much for your art and your friendship. That photo turned into a treasure in your writing.

    A thousand smiles for you