24 April 2011

Rare Vintage

Photo ~ Diana Matisz

On a morning misted
with the dying white breath
of night, you press me into
cool tall grass.  Wet earth

rises up to chill our
conflagration, unloosing diamond
shards of dew from beneath our bodies,
a corona of heat eating away the dawn.

Soon the sun's sly ascendancy burns
through the canopy of our secret bower,
ribbons of saffron lash stubborn shadows
into submission.  Your lips on mine

you fill my mouth with the wet
honeyed elixir of dandelion wine kisses,
as with this rare vintage of butter-yellow
and piquant-green, we are sated.


  1. I folded my arms and fell back, into flumes of words that nestled in my spirit, just beautiful Diana.

  2. Beautifully subtle. You've captured the
    sweet eroitca found in Nature.