26 April 2011

Roll On

Photo ~ Diana Matisz
Brought to life by the wonderful Catherine . Please take a moment to visit her page.

blues wash over me
cerulean waves
subdue passion
spatter cobalt blood sprays
against the inside
of my eyes

groundswells surge
and ebb, with the ferocity
of indigo thunder
a rocking cradle
of both gravitas
and elevation, until

they fade recede
lose strength 
from opened veins
of azure illumination
and I beg, roll on blues,
roll on


  1. This is lovely, Diana. I like how you use "blues" in multiple ways to create strong images, as in "cobalt blood sprays", "ferocity/ of indigo thunder", "veins / of azure illumination". I also like very much how you pull the poem to a close.

  2. I love this Diana, roll on blues, roll on.

  3. peaceful words and beautiful photo, blue is one of my fav colors

  4. @CoyoteSings26 September, 2011

    Excellent poem and reading, guys. _/|\_