03 April 2011

Strata of Forever

Photo courtesy of a heart-dweller.

worn stone, rotted wood
empty gaping face
hollow echoes of dead zephyrs
moaning in tantric unison
with howls of last regrets
cries of drowning hopes


touch the crooked layers of sun-baked
reminiscence, deep-earth heartbeats
listen to ancestral voices pressed between
sepia rifts in time
witness faerie shades of mirth
flutter in corners graced with new light

worn stone, rotted wood
gatekeepers to eternity's memoirs
written in the strata of forever


  1. You raise the wings of my fantasy with this. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful words makes me feel small again a child ~ talking to faeries :)) really love how these words make me flow feel like I have stepped into another timeless world.. thankq beez:)

  3. this was fantastical writing...the memoirs are written in wood and stone that will be here well beyond us...

  4. Your poem transforms an initial tone, tension, and imagery of despair into a flourish of hopefulness. Many layers and ideas shine through your use of imagery.

  5. Death, said Dumbledore, is the next great adventure. So in the corner and crevices of the universe the spirits rise and play, dance and sing and hidden places may hold them. Curious and beguiling piece here Diana. Lovely.

  6. "listen to ancestral voices pressed between
    sepia rifts in time" powerful Diana..."sepia rifts in time"...exquisite!

  7. "...dead zephyrs moaning in tantric unison..." how rapidly this goes from the loss of ages to the secret laugh within. Another lovely one, Diana.

  8. Very nice read..flowing and gentle :)

  9. Gave me the chills. So visually descriptive.

  10. I'm in unison with Monkey Man...that black hole sends shivers down my spine.

  11. I looked at the building and thought it was cute. then I read your words and changed my view. Excellent!

  12. last regrets...
    strata of forever...
    and eternity encapsulated somewhere in that space

    wonderfully fashioned my friend

    an excellent 1 Shot


  13. i read ascension yesterday (not sure why comment didnt take) and i have read this today...i thought ascension was great but this knocked spots off it.... beautiful poetry...pete

  14. "... written in the strata of forever"
    Haunting - literally! Very well done, Diana!

  15. The most heartfelt thanks to all who visited and for your interesting comments. And a special thank you to my friend across a sea for the inspiring photograph.

  16. Very nice, Di. Esp like this passage -

    deep-earth heartbeats
    listen to ancestral voices pressed between
    sepia rifts in time
    witness faerie shades of mirth >great line

    Warmest Salad

    Luke x

  17. Soul deep. Loved this! (Hugs)Indigo