17 April 2011

We're Through

If I've told you once
I've told you a thousand times,
we can't see each other anymore.
I've had enough
of the late-night visits
you moaning and groaning 
over your miserable life
or lack of,
I don't want to hear how you miss me 
how you want to come back.

You gave up on me
the day you left me standing
at the bedroom window,
watching you walk away,
suitcase in hand
not even a backward glance.
I'm done with you, we're through.
I've moved on
now you do the same.
Don't make me come back here.

[Written for OneShootSunday at One Stop Poetry around the wonderful photograph of James Rainsford . ]


  1. hmm - over is over...strong emotions and lots of strength in this diana

  2. hehe...i enjoyed the chuckle at this...just imagining a wife still giving it to her husband in the great beyond...lol

  3. Having looked again at the photo since writing my own take, yes, she does look like she's giving the head stone a right talking to! Strong words Diana, might send this to my stalker ;)

  4. First 2 lines lmao...perfect caption to go under the photo! Pronounce this relationship RIP. Great intensity. Both witty and visceral.

  5. lol! I love, love, love this! So, many somber and serious takes on the prompts today...so the humor and satire in this is quite refreshing. very cute...

  6. hilarious... you might make who's talking to whom a little clearer-- but all in all very nice! xxxj

  7. Thanks all for the great comments on my little tongue-in-cheek adventure today :) And Jen, I think the finger waving makes it clear who's giving the lecture ;-))

  8. Cracked me up, Diana. That is sooo the look on her face.

  9. Thought this was hilarious. And for the record in that one stage of grief when anger makes you shake to your bones, you feel like sending this message out into the ether..starting with, How dare you leave me having to deal with all of this...why couldn't you...etc. etc. I think every widow can relate! Not always this funny.

  10. oOo, RAWR! Tell 'em, girl!

  11. Hilarious is right! I couldn't help laughing out loud as I read this, even cheered in the end. Yeah!