21 May 2011

Abrazar la Vida (Collaboration with Alejandro Ezequiel)

This is a second collaboration with my friend Alejandro Ezequiel.  Alejandro is a photographer, poet and musician.  Please take a moment to visit Alejandro's page to see more of his imaginative photography and words.

the dance begins

in the dying kiss of a well-worn day
the present, the here and now
perform intricate steps
a close embrace tango
over the widening fissure
between fractured past
tenuous future

mistakes trapped beneath
hope reflected in
mirrored abyss
one misstep one stumble
the here and now
becomes a day
with no tomorrow

how will the dance end


  1. I love the way your imagination gives life to anything you see, making it full of movement and emotions.

    Thank you so much for sharing and for your kind words on me.

    Hugs and smiles :)

  2. Alejandro:
    My words are nothing without your vision. I'm honored to share it with you. xx

  3. Orgulloso por el ritmo que sostienen ambos. Escribo esta frase en español para honrarlos y también para que mi bella Diana escuche las sílabas y recuerde que tiene un viaje pendiente a España. Salud!

  4. ¡Qué bueno encontrarnos los tres en este océano de gravitones interaccionando y atrayendo cuerpos celestes!

    Abrazos para los dos.

  5. How truthful this rings. And reminds me of the thin line we walk in thoughout our lives. A thoughtful meditation.