17 May 2011


the eve of the day you left
and couldn't come back
for you,

I let black diamond rain
kiss my skin

breathe white river mist
deep into lungs

touch fingers to heart
blood singing in veins

taste layers of spring
flow on my tongue

gasp beneath the unadulterated
weight of living

on this anniversary
the eve of the day you left
and couldn't come back,
I do these things

for you,
because you can't

[ for SJM / 05-18-08 ]


  1. Beautifully haunting sweet friend. Your words resonate in me, stay the while. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. a gravity, a beat, a harmony known only to the author but felt by the reader, just beautiful

  3. Celebrate life, and the depth of understanding that those of us who are left behind are able to remember. Love this Diana :)

    fav. lines:

    gasp beneath the unadulterated
    weight of living

  4. So beautifully poignant - and so sorry for your loss.

  5. Beautiful and sad at the same time. Like others, there is some resonance with me as well.

  6. Thinking of you from far away. I hope she visits your dreams.

  7. Oh my...so sad, the longing, the absence and the surety there will be no return. Powerful write! Power in the sense of the speaker, who has acknowledged the loss, but has made the decision to continue.