24 May 2011

Smoke and Whiskey

"The Mirror" ~ Sir Frank Dicksee

crowded room
cacophony of voices
litters pearl grey air
sip of whiskey
puff of cigar
sees her face 
in hazy mirror
above the bar

blue abyss eyes
follow corkscrews
of smoke curling
above dark head
halo of recriminations
assumptions made
by those who think
they know
what lies beneath

pursed full lips tilt
and blow one long flume
an aromatic arrow
through the heart of
'you think you know me'
glass of amber liquid raised
to the woman in the mirror
'to everything she is'
all the things they'll never be


  1. Powerful piece... much left unspoken within the depth, the dark smoke filled reflections.

  2. Feels like I'm there and reminds me of stories my grandmother used to tell...

  3. I love the mirrors within mirrors, smoke within smoky light within ellision of view-point. It's a delightful poem. Thank you.

  4. To a woman's heart life is and always has been smoke and mirrors. For no one knows her heart more intimately than the owner of said heart. Only she knows the true depths of what lies within. Love this! (Hugs)Indigo

  5. wow, a powerful poem... do we ever really know anyone as well as we think we do? Maybe, some people...but not most. Well done.

  6. Lovely post...You write very well with just a few well chosen words.

    Nice to meet you~

  7. ha. i love her confidence in who she is despite what others may see...nice write!

  8. Man, perceptive and very succinctly written, Diana. I can really see the characters, feel in the bar with them, watching, yet also being them. That painting is also bizarre; staring so earnestly at her reflection--your poem picks that up, the ambiguity of knowing others don't know you, but perhaps you let it define you anyway, as what you aren't.

  9. "an aromatic arrow
    through the heart of
    'you think you know me'"

    That arrow hurts. Fierce writing, Diana. Great visuals and much said between the lines. painter's last name *snicker*

  10. there's something there, lying just below the written word. and like said before me, lots goes unspoken. this one has depth, diana. great write


  11. Thanks to all for the wonderful comments and for hearing what's between the lines.

    And Adam, one of my favorite Pre-Raph painters but I snickered the first time I saw his name too ;-)

  12. Always being herself no matter what, should be done by all, but hardly ever is, nice write!

  13. Love the part "assumptions made by those who think they know what lies beneath"



  14. This is a very powerful poem. It speaks of the woman's confidence in herself.

    I especially like the ending.