09 May 2011

Street Lamp Child ( Read by Costis Demos )

I'm honored to have one of my own favorite poems read by my friend Costis Demos .  If you haven't already, do yourself a great favour and read his elegant poetry at Mist dancing .

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12:38 am.
Tell me child,
how did you get here?
How did you find yourself
lying in an alley on your back
blows raining down on you
from the fists of other children.

Ragged freeze-frame images
of angry little faces
baby fat of childhood
clinging to sharp angles
of impending adulthood
your dark eyes
staring up in fear
haloed by a street lamp.

Children dying
world imploding
and yet,
in the safety of a quiet town
they fight and scream
kick and pummel
and for what?
Jealousies and slurs
or the unforgivable:
lack of love?

Sirens shatter
what's left of night's peace
as twenty children scatter
in a game of hide-and-seek
no longer an innocent race.
I watch as you stumble away
to a home where no one cares
and hope you sleep well, child.
I won't.


  1. An excellent reading of a powerful poem--it was strong when you originally posted it, Diana, and Costis Demos has done it full justice with his uncompromising vocal interpretation. Great to see two talented people collaborate like this, as well.

  2. agh - my comment disappeared....

    great collab - a powerful poem diana and a powerful read costis - great to see talents merge and having a fantastic output like this

  3. Powerful, potent, presentation! bravo to both reader and writer!

  4. damn. just damn. I was overwhelmed by our friend's powerful reading of your already strong piece :)


  5. ugh, this is heart-wrenching. especially to a home where noone cares. at least the little one gets a voice through your exquisite writing and Costis' reading.