02 May 2011

Tenure (Collaboration with Bukky Fehintola)

Photograph courtesy of Bukky Fehintola

occupancy ensues as full-blown desire
hot-yellow passion, lit from within
liquid gold pours from long slender throats
overflow from springs wine cellar

drunken heads bob and bounce
giddy in their innocence
seemingly indefatigable 
insouciant unfettered

without warning, one by one
fragile tenure ends
as alpha saffron  fades
to snowy-haired omega

wisps plucked from former glory
beheaded by fickle summer draughts
their sad remains float above the ground
their revenge, a new tenancy below

[ please take a look at some of Bukky's other work here PicturePerfectPlusSome and follow him on Twitter @picturesand .]


  1. An excellent example of a multi-layered poem. The undercurrent of love and loss is appreciable.

    Good job! :D

  2. i still can't think of a better word than perfection! love this! ♥

  3. I agree, this is magnificent! Stunning words...all of them. Running to my dictionary. I've been way behind my dear, so grateful to read this one now. It is truly perfect! Thank you.