06 July 2011

The Carney Man

Diana Matisz
Seated on a city bench sipping lemonade
lost in clamor of squealing children and
mechanical skeletons kissing summer skies

a body settled down beside me and
out the corner of an eye I saw
blue bandanna, holey jeans

and when he smiled, gold-toothed grin.
Defensive walls clattered upward,
body language stiffened until he nodded

and said 'good evening miss' and smiled
once more, this time with green eyes.
An hour later he had quoted Heaney, Cave

and Cohen and spun my head with tales
of Memphis belles, delta blues and

We said goodbye and as I walked away
he called out 'Hey miss, come back anytime.
For you, the rides are free'.


  1. You've definately captured the texture, atmosphere and feel of "The Carney Man," and those brief encounters in time and space that seem surrealistic! "A moment in time tucked away carefully inside a pocket in the mind..." Roger ☺

  2. I felt like I was there. I like your longer pieces even more than the short ones.

  3. in the space of 18 lines, a moment that impresses for a lifetime. fine work from a fine poet.

  4. i love meeting people like this...great verse...

  5. A glimpse of a rare moment, beautifully captured. I particular loved the mechanical skeletons kissing the sky. :)

  6. Wonderful poem,really captures the carnival and the first moment of reaction to a carnie, and the surprise at the discovery of a kindred spirit. Loved it!

  7. I agree with everyone-- this has so much flavor, and descriptive texture, bringing the moment and its occupants alive-- well done! Thanks for participating in Friday Poetry Feast! xxxj

  8. Succinct, just the right length, just the right words...knowing what to leave out of a poem is just as great a skill as knowing what to put in...and you have accomplished each in stunning fashion.

  9. I loved the detail in your poem, like

    "Seated on a city bench sipping lemonade
    lost in clamor of squealing children and
    mechanical skeletons kissing summer skies"

    I enjoyed it more having been in carnival places recently. you captured the feel well.

  10. love the emtional vibration of your words

  11. I love how instantly I felt your hesitation
    how much emotion we can place with words.

  12. Those are moments in time, like gems and stars that twinkle every so often, yet you never see them as bright again. I have met many in my life and some just like him, pearls of wisdom, worn like fine fitted gloves, they warm our souls and we never ever forget them.

    Well done my poet, the carneyman is a symbol of joy as the mechanical skeletons kiss summer skies, what a brilliant verse.

    1. So true Vincent. My biggest regret is that I didn't have my camera with me but then again, he might not still possess his magic :-)