31 July 2011

In Pieces

oddly shaped and tessellated
jig-sawed again and again
reworked reinvented
never quite complete

too often one last segment
un-fit or gone-missing
puzzle bows and breaks
a thousand pieces on the floor

sharp linear edges
easiest to maneuver
complicated center cuts
myriad of labyrinthine hints

reshuffle, square the frame
assemble glimmerings in empty 
corners, integrate the perfect fit
from pieces on the floor


  1. We may be broken but we're masterpieces made from the broken pieces of ourselves. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Captured well the subtle losses, moments fragmented, yet moments which join in wonder.

  3. i really love this, Diana ~ especially the third stanza. we break apart, get put back together, break apart... a never-ending cycle, i think. wonderful imagery!
    dani ♥