18 July 2011

Some Woman

moulded in flexible sinew
and bone, with weight-bearing
hips, knees embedded with cinders
of tomboy adventures

life blood seasoned with tears
muscled silk delicacy, scars
of experience etched onto pliant
canvas encompassing all

histories and mysteries peer
from curious child eyes
rain down in word showers from lips
made for kissing and kissing away hurts

designed in sharp angles and
dangerous curves, a custom fit
body of work, malleable iron
resilient to change

but to most, she's only
some woman


  1. I love the hit on the syllables at the start of the line (which I do too) and the thrust into another woman's life. Really good. x

  2. smiles. she is quite the wman woman it sounds to me...very nice...

  3. hmmm - sounds good with the dangerous curves..smiles...great to see you at dverse diana

  4. Reads like a novel. Great discription.

  5. knees embedded with cinders >beautiful line

    great to see you @ d'Verse... good times my friend

  6. I can see her, perhaps in a backwards looking mirror. esp like"..A custom fit/body of work..."--Love this Diana.

  7. And this is why I have such respect for women. They must have the hardness of men (maybe even harder) but require the softness of the nurturing being. Packages of feelings that can explode in rage or affection. And, if they have the ability to turn words into such images as in this poem, I am in awe of them.

  8. My thanks to all who have stopped by to read and comment. You have my gratitude x

  9. You do write in such a lovely way. The third stanza is my favorite :)

  10. Quite the woman indeed, powerful last line too, as most will never know.

  11. Oh delight in the feminine in this write and all that is wonderful about it...and simply said she is not just some woman...but a miracle ...bkm

  12. Diana! This is fantastic, awesome, powerful, and oh so very true! Loved the way you ended...for me, that was the best. From some woman to another...Mucho Respect! And thanks for linking up with us...I think this little world of poetry is going to rock :)