16 July 2011

Southern Magic (Collaboration with James Rinalducci)

'Southern Magic' is a poem I published last March. It's one of my own favorites and has taken on a life of its own.  The poem was inspired by the music of my friend James Rinalducci and by our shared love of Savannah. When James read the poem, he told me it inspired him to write a piece of music around the words. He waited for the perfect night with the perfect moon and recorded in Forsyth Park.  A full creative circle back to James' music. Which is the perfect reason to share this again. The photograph is also one of James' own personal favorites, taken on a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery.  Enjoy his lovely melody as you read. Thank you James, from my heart ♥

Photograph courtesy of James Rinalducci

She came to life on a wet opalescent night
a night wrapped in occluded moonlight
skin perfumed with sweet white gardenia
and red oriental poppy

She breathed deep the antediluvian scent
of river tides and incense of spanish moss
through half opened lips her tongue
tasted the new exotic, the aged decadence

She heard the deep low moan of a sax
echoing through Forsyth Park
its voice a fluid catalyst of passion
rolling over her like soft thunder

Her body hummed and shivered
with old mysteries and older secrets
that stripped her bare as she succumbed
to southern magic

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  1. Both words and music are delightful x

  2. I am so glad that I found your blog, I like it here!

    Michelle Moloney King

  3. I have never been there, but the spirit of this place sounds well through your wonderful words. It was a delight to read them aloud.