11 July 2011

The Window

Diana Matisz

air tumescent with fat drops
of summer rain lift and billow
the curtain at the window
where she waits

skin tattooed with the lace
of shadowed leaves back lit
by a gibbous moon and rising
silver river mist

auras of sweet grass scents
ride the surface of her body
at the window where she waits
in lavender and lace


  1. There are almost too many glorious images here, my mind is pregnant with them. A deep and resonant read. TY, my Lady. x

  2. well, i certainly would not make her wait long...esp in the aftermath scent of a summer rain...what a great smell to accompany a bit of beauty...

  3. your poem is like a painting so visual I love the use of the shadowed leaves like a tattoo on her skin ... I like that even small in narrative the reader feels this waiting .. your pace of words and visual is cleverly written to give one not only the visual of what we see outside the window but of the waiting the event as well .. really love this thankq always beez

  4. Oh, wow ... such an intense atmosphere!