26 August 2011


Photo ~ Diana Matisz
I crack open, strip off summer skin
shed and shred charred parchment
of volcanic days, let fall to cooling earth
hypnotic comfort of cicada songs

sea glass mementos evaporate
in bleached and thinning air
as india ink of star shot skies
bleeds onto fading roses

I gather golden husks,  jeweled leaves
wood smoke wisps and harvest moons,
draw maple sap into emptied veins
store pumpkins in the hollows

stitch closed jagged tattered seams
with silvered corn silk strands,
plump, reshape the empty shell
soften, unbend into autumn skin


  1. I felt you folding into fall...and it was beautiful

  2. And so comes Autumn, the harvest and plenty.

    Beautiful verse.

  3. mmm....love that...been sitting on the porch watching the change in the leaves...from green to a red tint...a lovely time of year...

  4. I feel the climatic change and your poem, softly flowing, has me savoring the evolution and resisting the last drop.

    I enjoyed your poem.


  5. a fabulous expression of the change of seasons... love how you are shedding the charred parchment of summer.