01 August 2011

Sunrise Fusion

moon recedes on gulls feathered cries
tugs back nights duvet

georgia peach sun kisses
tattered pearl grey dawn

coral shafts cantilever
clouds at morning stretch

lone musician facing east
releases dark wing blue-notes

watches as they soar and burn
before falling into cool pink silk

washed ashore, plucked from sand
composition for the next sunrise


  1. Absolutely lovely Diana!

    "georgia peach sun kisses
    tattered pearl grey dawn..." is exquisite as is the image!

    Roger ☺

  2. Tom Eliot:

    'Lone musician facing east
    releases dark-wing blue notes'

    Knock out section among a flourish of perfectly
    placed punches - (rubbish violent metaphor which is'nt very apt for such a peaceful piece)
    Cutting this headache affected nonsense - i love this write - i hav pounding head ache and this has made me feel zen again. Blog Tag line... She dont just write great poetry she eased my pain - T Eliot.

  3. Thank you Roger. Your opinion is greatly valued.

    Tom: I appreciate your words more than you know. And, no one has ever given my blog a tag line and I love this one ♥ Thank you

  4. a beautifully painted sunrise
    music to the soul
    flowing on a ribbon of words :~)

  5. beautiful images, subtle music, dense poetry. Sunny kisses :-)

  6. So peaceful and beautiful

  7. Wonderful! I love that tugging of night's duvet. Glad I came! (Thanks to Poemblaze.)