19 October 2011


They met on Friday
beneath a holiday sky
and striped umbrellas
sipping temptations
on the rocks
electric smiles
igniting flirtations
behind Gucci frames
sharing everything
and nothing at all

made love on Saturday
behind shuttered windows
a private archipelago
decanting everything they had
into everything they needed
stopping borrowed time
with whispered confessions
demands for more of this
do that again
please please please
don't stop

separated on Sunday
in the airport bar
kiss kiss both cheeks
promises to call
to write to visit
turned and walked away
already checking iPhones
to see whom
they might have missed
who might be wanting them
never looking back


  1. Quote lovely! The topic and it covering three days very clever and fitting. Also, I loved your perfectly placed enjambments.

  2. Thank you Emmett. Your visit and comment are very much appreciated.