28 November 2011

The Weaver

Photograph courtesy of Dan Sandu

deep beneath warp and weft
of inured lifetimes laid to rest
spindrift pool of sorrows
where broken threads
and threadbare lives
disintegrate in mist

waiting, for weaver's
slender fingers, each a shuttle
plaiting rapiers of solace
across a mystic handloom
mending rifts in time
restoring priceless tapestries

[Gratitude to my friend Dan Sandu for allowing me to borrow his wonderful photograph.]


  1. i like how you have drawn a picture in my mind, words are easy and unforced...i like

  2. "weaver's / slender fingers, each a shuttle" is a vivid image. You've sustained well the sense of "broken threads" and "mending" throughout.

    Wonderful image!

  3. broken threads and threadbare lives ---beautiful the coming and going all in the hands of the weaver...thank you..bkm