09 January 2012

Standard Avenue

a winter walk
turning right instead of left
i find myself on Standard Avenue
where memories pass through me, ghostly

i stand before grandmother's house
watch it change, from red brick
to white siding, peer through walls
to a garden ripe
with sun-warmed tomatoes
sweet wild plums

voices drown out my everyday
english / slovak discussing coal
and politics, sports and beer
the correct way to make pierógi
an uncle's song, an aunt's soft scold
simple buzzing quiet
of a Sunday afternoon

a winter walk
turning right instead of left
crying with the loss and joy
of finding myself on Standard Avenue


  1. I absolutely loved this.
    I'm still smiling.

  2. you always bring a smile to my solemn face, diana :) and with all that's going on, I needed to be reminded, no matter what, they live forever in memory :)


  3. I love the way
    we can find ourselves
    and our past
    in a simple turn
    thanks for sharing it


  4. Diana, I like how you the name Standard Avenue, as if it is one anyone might stroll, then find yourself recalling what memories are yours alone. I also like how you leave us wondering what you would have found had you made the opposite turn. Nice write!

  5. Monty: Happy that I could bring a smile to your face x

    Luna: Thanks Starshine, for visiting and for your comment x

    Maureen: Very grateful for your visit and comment. The street really is named Standard Avenue but you're correct, I think we may all have a 'standard avenue' in our childhood :-) x