14 February 2012

Don't Send Me Flowers

on this day, everyday
tongue the sweet spot
in the thumbprint hollow of my neck
tease my ankles
with calloused fingertips,
lay your cheek
against the soft pillow
of my lips
read me to sleep
rock me to abandon
feed me enticing words
and exotic flavors
learn my terrain
the valleys, crooked paths,
the perfect imperfections
write for me
fall into me
sing to me
make me
and weep
but please,
don't send me flowers


  1. Very nice, enjoyed the read, love your talent.

  2. Wow!
    It is a awesome image with imaginable description.

  3. and I will just melt...no words in my mouth
    and I will just lay here...gazing into infinity

    Oh Diana I love the way you paint such beautiful pictures ♥

  4. A lot could be said, especially (and exactly) regarding the poem's title and the way you counterpoint it's dramatic (and beautiful) content. "No" to what's been taken for granted considering the commercialism associated with this day (Valentine's; and I'm referring to what's become a "habit" in the country where I live, Portugal). "No" to the Love made object. And a (final?) "No" because, of all feelings, Love should be (I know it isn't and probably won't be any time soon...) the all present force we humans should live our days by and not just something to be celebrated (again a major "?") on the 14 th of every February...

    Sorry for the long comment. :)


  5. Perfect! I am swooning. xo

  6. Amazing poem! Yes, flowers are insufficient.

  7. oh, Diana ~ so beautiful and so true!

  8. I wish I wrote this.
    rough and beautiful and true and real.

  9. Hi,Diana! It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been awarded the 'Liebster Blog Award'. I am a recent recipient and have agreed to award 5 others in turn. For details, please visit my blog http://shadowleaves-joanie.blogspot.com/

  10. Gorgeous! What a wonderful construction, Diana. Bravo! Bravo!

  11. well everything else sounds much more interesting than flowers anyway...smiles...

  12. Oh yes! So playfull, so lovely, so alive...

    You spell life into words ;-)