07 March 2012


on Wednesday, 7 March 2012
9:00 am
in a field of crocus
old man winter
succumbed to spring
revelers arrived from far and wide
to send the curmudgeon on his way
choir of robins trilled hallelujah
as blades of grass
broke ground around him
a procession of daffodils
in sun-day finery
carried his cold white bones
to the riverbank
where geese and ducks
crows and catfish
pushed them over the dam
a luncheon was served
in the meadow
following the funeral


  1. Beautiful. i was just thinking about how nice out it is today too. My windows are all wide open, letting some fresh air in.

  2. haha i ab.so.lutely love this...big grins...was a beautiful day here today.

  3. Gorgeous!! Love the structure too. It houses the poem perfectly. Excellent!

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