21 April 2012

Island Reverie

neighbor's early roses
heavy with chilled rain
punch scented holes in lost memories
reveal deja-vu Martha's Vineyard

a man, tall and svelte
blue eyes in competition with sea and sky
friend of a friend, with a smile
only holiday freedom could muster
his outstretched hand an invitation
to the temptingly new

never-ending wildflower days
of sun-braised kisses
voracious appetites spiked
by cozido à portuguesa
and home-made wines
sunset dives from rocking piers
into peach-stained Atlantic silk
wide eyes spying James Taylor
over breakfast at the Black Dog Tavern
a tiny gingerbread cottage, hot
and redolent with island musk
moonlight through a tinier window
observing the dance
in time-worn contemplation

one week of pleasure
this assault on the senses
so potent, so momentous
and the tall man's name,


  1. omg I want this life of memories Id give anything to exchange just James Taylor or the gingerbread ooow the musk and moonlight sunsets YES I want it all .. for my razor back past :)) Gorgeous words always b x

  2. I had to read "peach-stained Atlantic silk" over and over and over, because it's so perfect. Love that picture too.

  3. This is tempting me to be there or at a similar place - like the German North Sea islands, maybe ... Love how you captured the atmosphere.

  4. Thanks all, for visiting and commenting. This is a favorite place and a favorite memory, though a long-distance one x

  5. So love the imagery and the way you weave the thought. Lovely!

  6. so much about this...its like slowly getting intoxicated on words.

  7. thank you for taking us all there. I was and am captivated...and you don't command the words. you somehow coax and woo them, and it is beautiful to behold. x