07 May 2012

Bleeding Hearts

she resides
in dark recesses
of lost and lonely days
in myriad bleeding hearts
rejecting sutures
her face smiles out
from photographs
on countless shelves
her laughter
an echo, unexpected
her passage, a bookmarked page
read and read again

she lives
in every diamond spark
on still water
and at the corner
of once-upon-a-time
and moving-on
in the bee-buzz lives
of those left behind
but she lives especially,
for me,
in the soft rapid flutter
of a monarch's jeweled wings

{ For SJM / October 1962 ~ May 2008 }


  1. Lovely flow. I read things once to see how affects my emotions then I re-read to try to understand the relationship of the concept.
    This piece was mellifluous.

    Gracias for sharing

  2. Thank you so much nene, for taking the time to read and share your kind comment. Both are very much appreciated.

  3. There are some lines in this that will live with me. A delight.

  4. these are images I will return to, Diana.

    p.s. I've been at that intersection...

  5. Lovely ~ the beauty is that we get to see ourselves~ feelings & our love/spirit within the very moments of everyday living ~ if we look

  6. Thank you Steve, Angie and Joan for taking a moment to read and especially to comment. Very much appreciated x

  7. smiles...love all the little touches...all the places you see her...the last one the gentlest...i love butterflies...smiles.

  8. just a touch so light with depth you bring in each flutter a butterfly reminding us of our own flight in life and how we touch others this is a piece of writing that is a good reminder to the fragility of life and the wonder .. so beautiful Im touched by your words beez ;))

  9. I seen the name Diana then I seen Psyche, and felt it would be nice to return the compliment.