07 July 2012

Those Were The Days

i remember those days
when worry
was a mewling whelp
with a voice like weakened thunder
rolling round a distant mountain
those days
when siblings bared their teeth
in ferocious protection of each other
biting at the Achilles heels of predators
i remember
a tenderfoot future stretching in ley lines
toward commonality
days with some purpose
other than competition
and jealousies
i remember those days
those long sweet days
of simple things
collected and stored for use
when skies darkened and bitter winds
tore foundations asunder
i remember those days
now few and far between
spectral relics
of once-upon-a-time


  1. you carried me back, diana, way back to a relationship I had with my sister, that's been lacking for decades. but it was sweet sojourn down memory lane, and I'm grateful for it :)

  2. I'm happy you liked it Monty and it's always so nice to see you here for a visit x

  3. fabulous --- you opine a great loss; perhaps only one greater would be the loss of ones god; born in 1955, i remember when children grew up that way; times when you could have an imaginary friend and not be schizophrenic; times when you could piss the bed and not be taken to a clinic; times when make believe pistols shot at real evils; times when neighbors spoke to neighbors; times when a smile from a stranger meant you met someone new; times when we played and fought, we took our anger home but our parents didn't give it a second thought, they knew we would play tomorrow and make a friend of the one we fought...yes, that was the normal and I fear for what the new normal is.

  4. Thanks for your visit Ted and for taking the time to share your thoughts on my piece. It's very much appreciated.