29 August 2012

Melancholy Moon

late night and the crickets are going strong
their party in full swing, as if they know
what i've discovered in the spice
of early autumn on my tongue
the time is near, and so, i don silk
in hues of maples bleeding rust
and oaken gold
spread wide my arms
beneath a holy wafer moon
with a piece bitten out
and chant away stolen days
while, in the same breath,
beseech Demeter to press cool lips
to my katana neck

and, just as suddenly as it began,
the party ends and i am standing
in my silk, without a dance partner
spotlighted by the poet's nemesis,
a melancholy moon


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc5RMYvXOhA this song came to mind, clear as a bell, when I read this sumptuous piece...

    first reply had a typo...

  2. "hues of maples bleeding rust" .... "beneath a holy wafer moon" love these lines. :)

  3. Lovely ... What would we do and write without the moon? ;-) He always mirrors us and listens.
    Btw I changed my blog's address to starwatcher521.blogspot.com .

  4. Thank you Martin and I knew that your address had changed but neglected to change it here on my blogroll...but now corrected :-)

  5. Superb!!! exquisite words and expressions "spread wide my arms/ pirouette/ beneath a holy wafer moon"....the movement is pictured perfect!! with perfect end..."the party ends and i am standing/ in my silk, without a dance partner/ spotlighted by the poet's nemesis,/ a melancholy moon" poet's sadness prevails!!! This work transforms us to a new level.

  6. Thank you Edward, Stephen, Jyoti and Martin for your comments....you are true gentlemen x