15 September 2012

Biding Time

waiting through the serrated tic-toc reverberations
of hours passing much too slowly, wading
in the marl of an old life not yet completely
scoured away, languid
in the inherent knowledge
that one approaching shift in dynamics has
irrevocably altered the core and course
of what once nested in this body,
purged of the emptiness of so many dying seasons
then well-provisioned with the plump wet sacredness
of destiny, with nothing left to do but wait,
ear to the ground, for footsteps on the riverbank

{ for Fortunato }


  1. Your words continue to reverberate throughout my very being. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Thank you sweet Indigo ♥

  3. And the wait is drawing to a close :)

  4. This is so lovely I'm left without momentary breath. It so accentuates the photo above it. This is pure poetry and what I love about this literary and photographic art form. It breaks my day with a smile.

  5. Ah, Emmett, I'm so happy you like this piece. It felt like a good one to me :-) And I'm honored by your kind thoughts. Thank you my friend.