13 September 2012

Distance Is A Greedy Bitch

Photograph ~ Diana Matisz

she's slight and sly
cowled in a cilice of stolen hours
loose threads of conversations
unraveled from lips of lovers
before the needle can mend the tear
she walks a crooked path
to best conceal deceit, zig-zagging
along perimeters of lush and
fertile hearts, seeded with tender
shoots of burgeoning affections
her skeletal fingers claw to ragged wounds
the soft carapace of vestal passion
the pain of her wet and dirty work felt most
in moments before the onset of need
the thrum of it in bloodlines
her call to feast voraciously
and so, there is no recourse
but to strike her dead
or at the very least
lop off her legs
to cripple her stride


  1. Ouch, I felt the sting from your closing lines. Amazing poem/photo pairing.

  2. Thank you very much Stephen x