27 September 2012

Love Letters

falling into bed
hell-bent to forget
the clear and present
danger of telling myself
'life can stay sweet, Diana'
i hear rustling beneath the sheets
fingers, tentative,
scrabble out the culprits,
handfuls of crumpled pages
i smooth them out
and read his ink
all the rubble left behind
from all the battles
fought, while shielding me
i pile them up, love letters
one atop the other
crease them to a square
tuck them
between my breasts
laying down my head
to the sound
of one more whisper
i pull, gently
from beneath the pillow,
an unsullied
virgin page
with the ink
that says,
i love you


  1. ♥ hearts song
    played out in words
    upon the page

    vivid heart waves Diana

  2. smiles.....so much feeling in this...i love love letters....could smell this moment...