25 September 2012

Round-Hipped Women

some shave the curves
bind the hourglass
force the journey
onto the straight and narrow
but round-hipped women
well, they know better
they know how to say
what they want
in a wordless sashay
each glide
from left to right
and back again
'come here'
in a dozen languages
they know the exact
angle of tilt needed
to turn a head
loosen a tongue
capture a heart
the camber
of bones
beneath their skin
invitations to exploration
written in calligraphic
round-hipped women
little laps of luxury


  1. The art of seductive writing : ) Anyway, I often wonder how our brain lets us (not only men) consider something as beautiful or not, and how this works in a different way for different persons ...

  2. Thank you Martin :-) We all see beauty differently. I think the trick is not allowing anyone to tell us what is beautiful and what is not...it's all in the eyes and the heart.