09 September 2012


Photograph ~ Diana Matisz

he powdered her
in the dust of dandelions
polished her
with fine river mists
and vernal oils
he nourished her
assisted in her flowering
through languid summer months
ripe with sweet revelations
then, when the sun was on the wane
and her pink bloom
to rose madder, he held her
in the russet warmth
of an autumn covenant
and now,
she is his tinder stick,
waiting for the flint


  1. This is a very lovely poem in my eyes. How love unfolds and ripens with the seasons : )

  2. Thank you so much Martin x

  3. So beeutiful Diana truly lovely to read and so visual your poetry always inspires me to paint :))) I read this like a flower opening in slow motion and the woodlands breathing life as each season passes so the changes unfold love this so . bx

  4. Thank you Chey and i'm honored that my words might inspire your painting ♥
    And you read it exactly as I meant it, thank you.

  5. Diana,

    I have been reading the poems here. Each a jewel. This one captured me especially.

    We're connected on Twitter but I'm going to try and follow you here as well.

    Beautiful work.


  6. Thank you so much Tom. I'm very appreciative of your visits here and it always makes me happy if a reader can find at least one piece that speaks to them. I'm honored that this one caught your eye x