03 November 2012

Love Redux

she crept up on me one day
long after i'd banished her
from my house
my sight
after i'd told her
never speak to me again
turning my face
one last time,
from her lambent gaze
she returned,
a wild-haired bitch on wheels
running rough-shod
across my iron-plated heart
tossing bloody rivets
over her shoulder,
excuses i'd welded
into perfect rows

she locked me in a room
forced me to listen to my name
fall in dulcet syllables
from his lips
stopped my heart
with the katana thrust
of his fingers
through my hair
then straddled me,
and mouth to mouth,
brought me back to life
with the taste of his kiss
and all this,
before i'd ever touched him

this wanton
this howling banshee predator
how i've missed her
oh, how i love her


  1. This is just too good! Where are the affirming comments? You inspire me with poetry like this. Excellent!

  2. Just read this. Diana...this is exactly, EXACTLY, it.


  3. Sent shivers down my spine! Gorgeous. Wow!