20 December 2012

Lights Out

a child's question
pulls my attention
from a book to his questing eyes
     'did you ever fall in love?'
i scramble for an answer
     'yes, a few times'
and he volleys back
     'what's it feel like?'
i hesitate and search
for kid-safe, cookie-cutter replies
then notice that he's serious
as only a child can be
so i lean in and say,
     'it's beautiful and fun
      it makes the world a better place
      you feel safe and happy, your heart
      feels full and sometimes it can hurt
      you'll know what it feels like some day'
he shakes his head
     ' i don't think i want to, grown-ups
      say love but they're angry and sad
      i don't want to feel the way grown-ups look'
i ask
     'do i look that way?'
rueing the question before it falls from my lips,
and without hesitation he says
     ' yeah, sometimes your eyes get all blurry
      and soft, kinda like the lights go out
      in your head'
i have no words and as he moves on to another
discussion, as only a child can do, i stand
walk to a mirror
stare long and hard
willing the lights
to stay on
in my head


  1. Wonderful Diana. Interesting how the 'child' can reintroduce us to the truthful questions and necessary intraspection.

    I have found that the light, Love, is within us all. It's like a never ending mist that hovers and surrounds all and we stand amidst it and we take a deep inhaling breath and watch it enter into us.

    Love this piece Diana what a

  2. All that evolves in blink of an eye/ leaving tender scars for lifetime/ in that blurry eye now gathers/ whirls of storm within.