24 December 2012

On The Eve

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. People smile when you look them in the eye and say hello. And tonight is my favorite night of the year. It's the most silent night. Families are together or in church, there are less cars on the roads and, if you listen carefully, you can hear the earth turn toward morning. I have much to be grateful for at this almost-end-of-year holiday.

It hasn't been the happiest or most productive year, not the easiest or the hardest. It hasn't been good to me but it hasn't killed me either. I fell in love this year, something I never wanted to do again and it took me by surprise one summer day. The person I fell in love with blessed me with his remarkable outlook on living, he brought laughter back into my life with his slightly skewed sense of humor and he reminded me, with his voice and his words, that I am a living, breathing woman. He stormed the walls. I will love him forever, unconditionally. Thank you E.

We welcomed another addition to my ever-expanding family. I watched nieces and nephews I still see as 'little', become parents, reminding me of my own mortality. I'm grateful for my family, especially those new little ones, who carry light in their eyes, the light that says they're happy to see you.

I began a book collaboration with a beloved friend in Portugal. We'd talked about doing this for some time and one day he said "Let's do it". We thought we'd completed the book recently but decided to continue to add to it, for the time being. When it's completed, it will be my joy to share it with the world. My friend is a wonderful person, kind and generous. He's invited me to visit many times and I will. He owns a very large piece of my heart and I love him dearly. Thank you P.

I am especially grateful for my honorary sister in Michigan. She has been through hell and back with me over the years. Never once did she waver in the face of my anger, frustrations, sorrows or in the floods of my tears. She never gave advice I wanted to hear, she gave me the advice I needed to hear, even if I didn't want to hear it. She knows me like no other person on this earth and we've never even met face to face. I'm blessed to call her 'sister'. Thank you G.

Over this last year, I have had the manifest pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people on my social networks. People whose creativity and kindness has been a balm to my soul and brought beautiful light into my life. I'm blessed by the acceptance of my own creative whims, whether it be comments on my poetry or the innumerable shares of my photography. The highlight of any day is reading that someone enjoyed or felt connected to something I've written or photographed. But more than that, it's the friendships I've been blessed to make with so many. Thank you all for taking a chance on me and for seeing me.

Blessings to all of you this holiday season and may love follow you into the new year, and always.

Diana Lee


  1. Diana,

    Sounds like a most wondrous year.

    And on that "not the most productive" thing- you know there is no tally sheet. But if there were, you'd need to acknowledge the rippling effects of the artistry you share with others and the great kindness you have shown other writers, like me. You can never know what has come from something so simple as having the courage to share your poetry and photos or having the grace and decency to take your time to read and support the work of other writers and poets, as you do so often. One thing leads to another, in a web of good acts and artistic creation.

    Wishing you another wondrous- and "productive"- New Year.


  2. Thank you Tom, for your very gracious thoughts x